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Cat sitting in Riyadh is growing in popularity but, we've found, there isn't anyone in the city providing it just yet. We're putting our best paws forward to make it happen so, if you're going away and don't want to leave your cat cooped up in a cage or stuck with other cats they don't get on with, get in touch now!

Do you want to meet a cat in Riyadh? Become a cat sitter today. There are plenty of cats in need of plenty of love and we need people who love to give it. Head over to our Become a Sitter page now to find out more!

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Meet Portia

Portia is the queen of the house and the inspiration behind Portia's Cat Sitting (could you tell?)! She was born on June 11th 2012 and has been keeping her human, Khawla, company ever since.

She's a local domestic short-hair, with a love of her special spot on the sofa – her throne. She's independent, inquisitive and more than a little bit sassy, too! She's very vocal, always talking and, you best believe, if she wants something, she'll get it!

She was named after Portia de Rossi after her human read Portia de Rossi's book “Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain” and saw the same beauty and poise in her own new kitten. She has beautiful eyes and is, absolutely, the boss! If you were ever to meet a cat in Riyadh, you couldn't do better than this curious Calico.




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Portia's human

Khawla is Portia's pet human and loyal servant.

The idea for her cat sitting service came to her while she was studying, in London, for her Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management. She moonlit as a cat sitter with a variety of cat-sitting clients but, since moving back to Saudi, she saw that such a thing didn't exist over here. Having developed such great experience, she couldn't let it go to waste and, so, Portia's was born! She has a passion for cats big and small, old and young, fluffy or smooth and is desperate to improve the lives of cats all across Saudi Arabia.

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If you're a cat lover, but can't have one of your own, you'll be looking to meet a cat in Riyadh. Cat sitting is the perfect place to do this, so head to the Become a Sitter page and get started now!

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If you're heading away and need someone to look after your precious pussycat, visit our Book a Sitter page and find someone that's right for you today!